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Blacko Primary School


         Blacko Primary School, Gisburn Road, Blacko, Nr Nelson, Lancs BB9 6LS

         Head Teacher : Mark Harrison.

         Please ring 01282 616669 For prospectus or Email: [email protected]

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A Message from the Head - Mark Harrison

"Blacko School is a Community Primary School which offers primary education to children aged 4– 11.  Our building is over 100 years old and is a traditional village school.  Children of 4 years of age gain a great deal from close contact with older children and our small staff are committed to the development of a happy thriving school.

Blacko School has always placed the individual child at the heart of its teaching and learning.  We aim to cater for the needs of all our children. 

Your child begins learning with his or her family.  The school comes in later and builds on these foundations, but the family continues to be just as important as before.  We want to build a relationship with you, which will help your child do as well as he or she can possibly do.   We urge you to become closely involved with all stages of your child’s education.’

As you can see from our mission statement the school feels part of a caring, traditional village, with dare I say it ‘old fashioned principles and values’. We as a school are proud to work alongside Blacko Parish Council to ensure that the village continues to be the wonderful place it is to bring up children."