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Has anyone else noticed a significant increase in the amount of dog mess on the footpath on the left hand side coming up Gisburn Road just before and also after the Blacko sign? This has never been a problem before in my experience but it is so bad just now that it is difficult not to step in in. Do we need to ask the Council to put up signs or monitor the area. We can't let this continue.

For information I am a dog owner and clean up after my own dog so fail to understand how anyone can leave their mess for others to deal with.

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This is still occurring with piles every few yards. There is a pile right under the dog bin - WHY????

Bags are available from Pendle Council but I use perfumed nappy bags - they cost next to nothing so there really is no excuse

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Are you a responsible dog owner?

Over the last few months Blacko has been beset with problems arising from dog owners who are not acting in a responsible way. The pavements along Gisburn Road have been littered with dog excrement and dogs have been allowed to run free along footpaths resulting in the demise of a much loved family pet. We ask that all responsible dog owners clear up after their dog and use the appropriate bins provided to discard the waste. We also remind dog owners that where footpaths cross private land the footpath that should be adhered to and dogs should not be allowed to run free. Where there is livestock in the surrounding fields dogs must be kept on a lead and this is especially important with sheep and the fact we are coming up to lambing time.

On behalf of Parish Council

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