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Register as a Member

  1. What is involved

    Registration is a simple process, requiring the minimum of information. Your email address is only for communication with the site. YOU control any information supplied. MEMBERSHIP is FREE. You must be over 13 years of age to participate. YOU may opt out at anytime. YOU should receive an email from http :// requiring YOU to confirm membership. Check your spam box if you appear not to have received the confirmation request email.

    Registration gives you early access to Blacko News and various access priveleges. These priveleges will vary from time to time.

    Members may also be appointed as administrators / contributors / moderators, with prior approval. Currently all membership requires authorisation. You may invite others to join, by using the facility provided on this site. Membership is free and avails you of additional facilities. You may participate in the Blogs, Forums and Discussion Boards freely. You may amend any personal information at any time. Your email address is never disclosed.

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  1. Do I have to be a member to make comments on the blogs and forums

    Yes, we do prefer you to have registered a membership. This enables us to communicate directly with you in confidence, should that be the most appropriate method of responding to you.

  2. Being a Contributor

    Another way of doing your bit in Blacko is to be a website contributor.

    If you wish to be a contributor to the site, please register your membership and tick the contributor box.

    You can always email your request to  [email protected] and a special sign in will be allocated to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Are Blog & Forum comments moderated ?

    Yes, Blog & Forum comments are moderated. 

    Inappropriate content will be deleted by us and further membership blocked.

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