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Reply XMikoDikoX
2:48 PM on January 15, 2018 
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Reply Richard Kenyon
6:39 AM on October 12, 2015 
Not sure whether I can add this to the Blacko News Blogs, but The Rising Sun was named as Briggsy's Pub of The Week (10/10/15):
Reply Pat Taylor
3:48 PM on July 13, 2011 
How I have loved reading about Blacko and viewing pictures I have very very fond memories of Blacko as I spent many a holiday there in the 60's as my auntie and uncle lived on Gisburn Rd in what was then the "Police Station "house(my uncle was Bill Marsh)
I remember my auntie taking me the walk up to Blacko Tower which during one of my visits we woke up to see somebody had painted it white!! I remember the fantastic view of Pendle Hill from the house,I used to stand at the gate collecting car numbers(no fancy computer games then) I would go to the Post Office with my auntie(Bette Marsh) and walk past the local school wishing I could stay in Blacko and go to that school.I also remember there being another grocers shop on the opposite side of the rd to the Police house a little further down towards Barrowford.The Sun Inn (which I was never allowed in) used to do parched peas.The adjoining house to the police house/station the family who lived there were called Cutler and the house on the other side I remember being a larger I think maybe it was detached and the family there were called Marchbank and they had a little girl called Bridget.We used to walk into Barrowford to the shops and on a Sunday to the catholic church and I always had to go and look at the waterfall and see if I could see any fish.Oh what happy happy memories I have of Blacko how I wish I could go back in time.
Well I do hope I havn't bored whoever is reading this ,I could go on about visiting Roughlee(when it had swingboats etc there ) but I wont I am getting quite emotional about what good times they were.I wonder if any body remembers P.C Bill Marsh and his wife Bette.L ove and fond memories of BEAUTIFUL BLACKO!!!